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Home And Living | 5 Motivational Decor That Keeps You Pumped Up Throughout 2018

5 Motivational Decor That Keeps You Pumped Up Throughout 2018

2018 is closing in faster than you think. A few belated Christmas gathering, a few days at work and BAM! 2018 is here!

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By Shirley Yam |    January 04 2018

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"Classic Motivational Quotes I believe most of us chanced upon a motivational quote that resonant strongly with us. These well-phrase words from wise and experienced beings (they don’t have to be famous; they can be from people around you, like your par"

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"Crafty Motivational Board If you are a crafty person, a motivational board might fit you more. The key to an energising motivational board is a well-designed "tracking system" that shows you where you are and where you want to be. It can be a pop-out b"

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"Wall Calendar Only when you know where you are, then are you able to know where to go. A wall calendar allows you to see what you have accomplished, where you are now and what you can do in the near future to achieve your goals. You can record down"

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"Wall To-Do-List According to Lifehacker founder, Gina Trapani, and Brain Tracy, the author of a best-selling time-management book, Eat That Frog, the best way to get your day started is to get the biggest task done first. Once you get your biggest task"

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"Popsicle-Stick System This is such an innovative idea that I'd just have to share. It makes use of simple coloured popsicles and two recycled glass jars to track your daily or weekly task. Basically, every time you finish your routine task, you ge"

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When you think of the New Year, what do you think of? Fireworks? Gatherings? or maybe New Year resolution?


New Year resolution is something we all said we want to do but only a few succeed in really doing it (hands down to all those who completed their 2017 resolutions, you guys are true survivors!)


But still, we try to do it every year, because it sets the year RIGHT. It’s a plan we made for ourselves so that we can grow, become a better person for the people around us and ourselves, and achieve what we thought we couldn’t. Really, there is nothing is more important than that.


So to keep you motivated for your new year’s resolution (no matter what it is), here are some DIY décor that you can place around your house, office desk or bed (basically, wherever you find productive):

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