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New Stuff | Testimonial : Criminal Lawyer Josephus Tan for The Interior Place

Testimonial : Criminal Lawyer Josephus Tan for The Interior Place

Criminal lawyer, Josephus Tan relates his experience approaching The Interior Place to take his ideas for the interior and make it a reality. 

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By The Interior Portal |    March 30 2018

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"Josephus Tan, Criminal Lawyer"

Image credit: The Interior Portal

/ 2
"Josephus Tan, Criminal Lawyer"

Image credit: The Interior Portal


What happens when you have a steadfast vision for an interior space but lack the creative force to see it through? You go to The Interior Place and turn your ideas into reality.


As a criminal lawyer, Josephus Tan gained prominence as the "Gangster lawyer" with a big heart for pro bono work. As he's recently opened up his new law firm, Invictus Law Corporation, he needed someone who could take his ideas for the interior and make it a reality.


Stating "when it comes to creativity, I think, of course, we [lawyers] are very good with our words. We can articulate it but we need somebody who understands it."


It was serendipitous then, that after leafing through some of their work in an interior design magazine, he had crossed paths with Wayne, one of TIP's founding partners. And so, they started on their collaboration.


With years of experience as a boutique interior design company and multiple awards under their belt, The Interior Place is definitely a brand you can put your trust in. They put quality in mind first and foremost and pride themselves on excellent and efficient service. Josephus agrees "he [Wayne] added that personal touch, and he's always on top of the project in phases which I think goes a long way to secure client's confidence"


They strive to show their commitment to each client and bring out a personal touch that is unique to every project. Being able to conceptualise and adapt while keeping in line with what the customer wants is no small task, but TIP does so with cultivated ease and sophistication. He remarked that " they are able to conceptualise whatever that I had in my mind and put it in a 3D layout"


"It's not really a case of just like cut and paste" he added "you need to get somebody who understands you. I mean of course not just you as a person But I think you need somebody who understands what you have in mind."


"You need a designer who gets you." he continues


Truly, It is beyond doubt that putting brick and mortar to castles in the sky is something The InteriorPlace excels in.


"That is the number-one key consideration for anybody out there who is looking for an interior designer" he rounds off "the experience has been profound, to say the least."


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