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Home And Living | Common Singaporean Interior Styles To Know Before Starting Renovation

Common Singaporean Interior Styles To Know Before Starting Renovation

Visualising your dream home is one thing, but can you accurately verbalise it?

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By Shirley Yam |    March 04 2018

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"Cafe Interior Style - designed by IN-EXPAT "

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Classic Victorian Interior Style - designed by The Interior Place"

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Industrial Interior Style - designed by IN-EXPAT"

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Minimalist Interior Style - designed by Ciseern Interior Design"

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Modern Interior Style - designed by Ciseern Interior Design"

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Resort Interior Style - designed by Darwin Interior"

Image credit: Shirley Yam

Researching for your dream interior design is probably the most exciting process most of us look forward to when we are moving into a new flat or renovating our existing homes.

Just imagine your dream home; the dream-like look you want it to have, how you and your family can rest and enjoy within the space, and how you can do your favourite activity comfortably within the new design. Isn’t it almost therapeutic?

But being able to imagine is one thing. Knowing what style you are actually visualising is the other. And it’s an important step you definitely should not miss unless you want to make your search process for interior firms/contractor, furniture, lighting, and etc, difficult for yourself.

If you don't know how to express what you want accurately, how can other's know? So here are six common Singaporean interior styles that you should know before starting your house renovation.


* Oh, because I couldn't possibly include all photos of the different areas of the house, I have included a link below under each interior style. Do click on them to see more.*   

* Some interior style is not consistent throughout all parts of the house, but they can give you more ideas on mixing different styles. *




Cafes are so entrenched in the Singaporean way of life – especially for the younger generations – that it has become a popular form of Singaporean home interior design.

Café design is quaint; often expressed by unconventional furniture, unique wall decor, strategic placement of street art and modern collectables (think: graffiti and limited-edition figurines) and open concept spaces.


Project Above: 


Classic Victorian


Strictly speaking, Victorian design is heavily ornamented and fairy-tale like. It is lavish, dramatic and loud. Unless you are willing to spend bucketloads of money on renovation, it’s unlikely that you can accomplish the true Victorian look.

That said, you can still emulate the Victorian look with iconic heavy draperies, large furniture and furnishing, small chandelier, faux fireplace, plush carpets, intricate dome, four poster bed, and a warm and rich colour palette embellished with tints of gold. Piecing together a few of these elements, and there you have it – the classic Victorian design that is oozing with opulence.


Project Above: 




What does the term "industrial" make you think of? Warehouses or factories?

Well, it’s similar to what you are picturing. That’s why industrial design is characterised by exposed pipes, brick and wood; metal light fixtures, contributing to a sense of rawness to the design.

In Singapore, it is not within the regulation to expose brick walls so most homes used faux brick wallpaper. Couple that with a rustic wooden layout and you would have achieved your ideal industrial look.


Project Above: 




Minimalistic design is all about simplifying and streamlining modern designs. It is about the neutral and airy colour plates, functional furniture and ultra-clean design. All of which serves to maximise functionality while reducing clutter. 

Extreme minimalist can even live with less than 10 pieces of furniture (think: Steve jobs), but of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, expect to spend on generous amounts of cabinetry and creative use of wall spaces to create the sense of openness that underpins minimalist design.


Project Above:




Modern design stemmed from mid-century sensibilities. It features natural shape, dark neutral colours with saturated accents and use of materials, such as woods, leather and polished metal.


Most Singaporean favour modern designs for its balanced emphasis on luxury, functionality and self-expression. Plush furniture and furnishing are made with expensive materials, such as leather, but are placed without over-cluttering (although it is still not as streamlined as minimalist designs). Modern art is also displayed as a form of expression of the homeowner’s taste in life.


Project Above: 




As the name suggests, resort design is inspired by comfortable and relaxing holiday experience many had on their short getaways. It must have been so good that homeowners just want to continue the stay in their own homes!

Whether you like the quirky boutique hotel or luxurious tropical resort, it’s a design style that is indistinct between the different possible “getaway” interior design. The only commonality is an exceeding amount of opulence and uniqueness, not often seen in regular homes.


Project Above: 

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