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Fresh start, fresh water

Find out more about Tomal's Water dispensers

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By Jamie Lim |    January 15 2018

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"FreshDew Hot/Cold Water Dispenser in Rose Gold Hot & Cold Dispenser Suitable with Bullet Series/undersink Cpure Series Safety Lock Temperature Display Elegant glass surface 3 pin plug"

Image credit: Jamie Lim

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"FreshDew Hot/Cold Water Dispenser in Silver Hot & Cold Dispenser Suitable with Bullet Series/undersink Cpure Series Safety Lock Temperature Display Elegant glass surface 3 pin plug"

Image credit: Jamie Lim

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"RO Spring Countertop Series (Black) Flushed Faucet Good design is thoughtful, great design is invisible. RO Spring Faucet sits flushed with the main body’s aluminium finish. Feel the faucet as it pivots effortlessly outwards to dispense water customiz"

Image credit: Jamie Lim

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"CPure Countertop Series RO alkaline filtered water: US Patented technology Microchip to set cartridge life 4 Stage Filtration, Japan Material Long lifespan cycle which can be set Dispense with turn of knob Elegant stylish design Comes with 3 p"

Image credit: Jamie Lim

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"4 Bullet Filter Series Sediment filter: Carbon filter UF filter membrane Carbon + Akaline filter Comes with connecting tubes and valve NSF tap and installation charged separately"

Image credit: Jamie Lim

The new year marks a chance for a new beginning- toss out the old, embrace the new. People start decluttering their houses, severe toxic relationships, make new goals to become healthier. One of the things people rarely take into account when they think of health is water. Whilst exercise and eating healthy are important aspects of maintaining your health, water is something you consume on a daily basis so it might be a worthwhile investment to purchase a water filtration system. 


These few weeks our focus will be on water filtration system but in this article, in particular, we will be shining the spotlight on Tomal Global Pte Ltd's FreshDew Hot/Cold Dispenser system. We had a quick chat with CEO and founder, Joy Lim to find out more about their water filtration system. 


  1. Tell us more about the FreshDew water dispenser?

The dispenser has a hot and cold function and is slim as well as it is wall mounted to save counter space.


  1. We heard about the 4 stage filter, could you tell us more about it?

The 4 stage process incorporates a sediment which removes dirt particles in pipes, carbon which removes chlorine which is harmful to health, and Alkaline which is a natural mineral and allows water to be of a healthy PH for the body and finally ultrafine membrane that filters off finer particles to safeguard the water and ensure premium quality.


  1. What makes Tomal's technology different from other water dispensers?

Tomal allows users to customise their filtration system and we procure only good quality materials from USA and Japan to assemble the product for the user’s needs. We also offer NSF drinking taps that are made from non-toxic material.


  1. Could you tell us what are some unique selling points of Tomal's filter? 

- US Patented technology for CPure and RO spring units 

- High-quality USA and Japanese material  

- Easy twist and turn DIY cartridges

- Long lasting filters

- Affordable replacements 

- Trusted Singapore brand


  1. Do you offer any other services?

We also offer water pipe cleaning of home pipes by Japanese technology. Pipe cleaning is especially useful for older homes as it can ensure the health of the water being fed to taps.


Tomal has been bringing fresh water to Singaporeans for 37 years and continues to play a large role in providing healthy, clean drinking water to households. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these, do check out our CNY giveaway where were will be giving away one set of water dispenser and filtration system to one lucky winner!

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