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Interior Design Ideas to Make Your House Look Spacious?

Five projects from different firms to “kope” some basic tips and tricks to a built more spacious home.

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By Shirley Yam |    March 05 2018

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"Blend dining area with living room with Rezt & Relax Interior Jewel. "

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Minimalistic Furniture by U-Home Interior Design."

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Wall-Mounted Glass Display built by Add Space Werkz."

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Open Concept Kitchen with Add Space Werkz."

Image credit: Shirley Yam

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"Loft sleeping zone idea from The Interior Place."

Image credit: Shirley Yam

Over the years, HDB has maintained their stance that 4-rooms and 5-rooms flats in Singapore have not shrunk over the years. But we know within ourselves that it isn’t true – newer HDB flats are generally smaller than older ones. Oh well!


For most of us, who are unable to bid for bigger flats (whether it be the location or monetary issue), we can only deal with what we have and try to make the most out of it. Having limitations doesn't necessarily equate to facing a bad situation. When constrained, people tend to be more creative. Who knows? You might end up with an unexpectedly interesting and brilliant interior idea? 


Thankfully, you will not be the first to be faced with small BTO flats. Many interior design firms at The Interior Portal have made small spaces work for their clients. Here are five projects from different firms that you can “kope” some basic tips and tricks to a built more spacious home. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the trouble, why not consider these interior design firms below. At least you can expect similar styles or solution from them.


Idea #1: Blend Dining Area with Living Room

Project: Rezt & Relax Interior @ Jewel Buangkok

Flat Size: 870 square feet


Rezt & Relax Interior Jewel has shown us that dining table doesn’t need to be rounded. In fact, when it is an elongated rectangle, it can blend seamlessly into your living room while saving up precious walking space.


Another idea, inspired by this project by Rezt & Relax Interior Jewel, is to convert your balcony into a dining space (ideal for small families with 2-3 members). You’ll get to enjoy the view from your balcony, which can be pretty relaxing after hours of facing your work cubical.


Idea #2: Minimalistic Furniture

Project: U-Home Interior Design @ Upper Boon Keng Road

Flat Size: 1000 square feet 


An uncluttered home is a spacious home. Rather than leaving items lying around the house, packing them into well-hidden, built-in wardrobes and cabinets would make your home tidy and pleasing for the eyes. Crafting built-in minimalistic furniture is exactly one of U-Home Interior Design’s specialities. They can definitely build one for the interior designs that you desire.


U-Home Interior Design also suggested for white as the main colour for toilets. It creates a spacious illusion and is a classic design that can never go wrong – another clever tip from the gurus.


Idea #3: Wall-Mounted Glass Display for Art Pieces

Project: Add Space Werkz @ Lake Life

Flat Size: 880 square feet


Want to display small sculptures at your house? Don’t let the limited space stop you. What Add Space Werkz did is to construct glass panels on the wall, to display intricate sculptures. It features your fine taste in life without cluttering your living space. 


I also particularly love the earthy colour tone, ranged between grey, olive and brown. It adds a natural and minimalistic element to the home. Definitely ideal for families that want to create a sense of tranquillity at home.


Idea #4: Open Concept Kitchen

Project: Add Space Werkz @ Upper Serangoon Crescent

Flat Size: 960 square feet 


I loved how Add Space Werkz segregated through different floor tiles, rather than a sliding glass/plastic door. That could work for you if you don’t really fry or cook at home. That way you can save space for a more comfortable living room.


In this project, Add Space Werkz also experimented with a rustic hippie vibe by mixing statement brick wall with distressed wooden furniture and hanging light bulbs. It’s definitely a unique design stands out from most interior design.


Idea #5: Loft Sleeping Zone

Project: The Interior Place @ Eco Sanctuary

Flat Size: 980 square feet


Loft sleeping zone is not only for boutique hotels, it can be for you too. That’s what The Interior Place built to create a walk-in wardrobe for their client.


And… wait for it…

It also has a display island, full-length mirror and cosy corner within the bedroom.


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to dress for success because nothing (not even space limitations) is going to stand in your way. Strut away, my fashionistas


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