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Life-Saving Shopping List For Your Last Minute Christmas Decor

Here is a list of stores for all you last minute Christmas shoppers.

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By Shirley Yam |    January 04 2018

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"Christmas is here! Haven't got'en your Christmas items yet? Here are some quick ideas for your last minute decor:"

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"Idea #1: Hyper-Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree from Mason Home Décor "

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"Idea #2: Beautiful Wreaths from Floral Magic"

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"Idea #3: Christmas Set-up from Crate and Barrel"

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"And more below!"

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Christmas is right around the corner and you haven't bought any Christmas decors yet!? 


But you know what... you are not alone. Many Singaporeans are so busy with our lives that we can barely fork out the time to buy any Christmas décor. I totally understand.


That's why I decided to compile a list of stores for all you last minute Christmas shoppers. No matter if you are looking for luxurious or affordable Christmas decors, I have got at least one store that caters to your criteria. Most importantly, all of the stores listed have an online site for you to screen through their decor items before you decide on what to buy. WHICH MEANS.... you can do your shopping on the go and SAVE PRECIOUS TIME.


Last-Minute Christmas Décor Store with Online Purchase Available


For Convenient and Affordable Christmas Décor ­– RedMart

Santa knows that you have been a good kid this year. So he asked RedMart to stock and reserve a bunch of Christmas decors that you can purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep by the next day.


And on top of it, he asked for selected items to be on discounts. Ain’t Santa nice to you?

One last thing… First time Red Mart users and LiveUp members enjoy free delivery on orders above $40. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a delivery fee, which I would say is relatively affordable ($5.99-$3.99).


For Affordable Christmas Décor - Spotlight

If you can’t find your Christmas décor at RedMart, try Spotlight.


Spotlight offers tons of Christmas décor, from Christmas tree ornaments to mostly within the price range of $1.20 - $12.99. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, their online products are selling out fast. So check it out quick and grab what you need FAST.


Delivery comes in 3 flat fees – $9.90, $14.90 and $25.00 – based on your items. Considering that most of us are probably going to a mix of small Christmas items, there is a good chance you will just have to foot the $9.90 fee.

For Hyper-Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree - Mason Home Décor  

Mason Home Décor is THE PLACE to go to buy an affordable Christmas tree that you have always wanted but didn’t have the money to splurge. Their hyper-realistic trees come in form of needle pine, Christmas tree and cashmere pine. They’ve even got a bundle set for those who lack the ornaments to hang on the tree. Bundle sets retailing from $89.90 to $169.90.


You’ll get free delivery if your order is above $100. So if you buy their value bundles, your delivery fee is probably going to be waived off (more money for other things in life, YAY!). Alternatively, you can pay $18-$35 for premium or big van delivery.


For Fresh and Breath-Taking Wreaths - Floral Magic

If you are willing to splurge for Christmas, get a fresh Christmas wreath from Floral Magic. I can guarantee you, your Christmas wreath will be the talk of the night. They are so beautifully weaved that no one can possibly belittle your Christmas décor efforts. Price of wreath ranges from $150 - $180.


Floral Magic accepts orders 2-14 days in advance of your desired delivery date and the last day of delivery is 23 Dec. So act fast as well!


Last-Minute Christmas Décor Store When Online Purchase Not Available

For Convenient and Affordable Christmas Décor - DAISO 

If you are on tight budget but still want to get your house prepared for the festive, Daiso is the place for you. What’s more is that… Daiso has outlets almost at all parts of Singapore. Chances are, you will pass by at least one Daiso outlet on your way back home.


So you will get it cheap and at a convenient location. 


In case you are wondering where is the nearest Daiso around you, here is their store locator webpage.

Your One-Stop Christmas Décor Trip - IKEA

Hands down, Ikea is one of the best stores to get all your Christmas decors within a single trip. They have Christmas lighting, textiles, kitchenware, Christmas tree decorations and, even, Swedish food and drinks. What else are you possibly lacking?


But I know… time is precious. You don’t have the time to get lost at IKEA, looking for every item you want. So my advice to you is to look through the available items through their website first before heading down to IKEA.


And as tempting it is, don’t buy them online, even though they have the option available. Why? Because a lot of online items are out of stock and you probably will see a better option at the store than on their site.


For Long-Lasting Christmas Décor - Crate & Barrel          

Last on the list is Crate & Barrel.


Crate & Barrel is pretty similar to IKEA. It offers a smaller range yet more their product is known to be more durable. So… quality > quantity?


I’m not sure if this concept would work well for yearly Christmas décor. It will really be dependent on what you are buying. But sadly, they don’t have a local online store and neither do their overseas stores ship to Singapore. But they do have an online catalogue that you can do your quick browsing before deciding to make a trip down to their outlet.


If you are interested in their Winter Catalog 2017, you have to request for it through this webpage. Or you can check them out at Crate and Barrel at ION Orchard or Orchard Gateway@Emerald.



This is the end of my list. If you have any stores that you always get your last minute Christmas loots from, please do share! 

Lastly, I wish you all the luck you need to complete your décor set-up. And don’t forget to have fun and get into the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas to you!




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