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Design stars | Refreshing A&A for a Semi-D

Refreshing A&A for a Semi-D

How the Dream Team of U-Home Went About Transforming the Loh Family House into a Modern Masterpiece.

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By The Interior Portal |    May 03 2018

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The first thought that comes to your mind when you see the large landed property of the Loh's would be one of pleasant appreciation for the modern simplicity and charming grace it holds. The facade is sleek and modern. A grey, matte textured driveway leads to a house with black accents and roof tilling over pure white walls. Adding a sophistication and sleekness that inclines the senses to modern ingenuity.


This, of course, was all by design.


Introducing Angela and Rico from U-Home

With more than 18 years of industry experience, U-Home Interior Design is accredited by CASE-Trust and RCMA, and have created multiple award-winning designs. Proudly boasting of dedicated project coordinators that are able to provide the best service and advice to their customers.


Two of which were Angela and Rico. With more two decade's worth of experience between them and an extensive passion for interior design, they were tasked with renovating the house. Creating a whole new look for it.


A Change For The Better

The family home was looking to be an extensive addition and alteration (A&A) project. Encompassing a complete redesign of the interior and exterior, as well as rectifying the water leakage that was found within due to the age of the house.


Upon their first assessment, the pair recognised the need for more ambient light and storage space within the cluttered house and set to work with the main objective of optimising the space management within the large house.With a goal in mind and the parameters set, the duo was then ready to set out and exercise their creative freedom to pursue unique solutions that would best benefit the family and their wishes.


It was clear then, that they would need to incorporate the sleek simplicity of minimalist influences into the house for a brighter ambience and more storage options for the residents.


When Less Is More

The house now sports a minimalist and modern aesthetic, that emphasises the space within. The pure white walls take on a sense of depth and seem to elevate the furnishings in their emphasis. They blur the edges and create the illusion of one total expanse that further adds to this notion, though still allowing for the light to play against the walls and project a myriad of tones that add a subtle variety to the interior.


The furniture as well thrives beautifully within its minimalist setting. The glossy blacks and reflective metallic accents bring forward the idea of modern living, while still making room for personal decor and strong pops of colour that help show the family's personality.


One of the largest changes was the choice to break away part of a wall that was blocking off a portion of the living room. As the wall contained a structural pillar, they opted to screen it behind a display cabinet and to round it off with a sleek wooden bar top.


With that one change, it livened up the area and created the illusion of separate spaces while still opening up the area visually. Even creating a visible through line between the front of the house and the backyard, allowing the natural light to shine all the way through.


The living room now fully embraces its minimalist influences and is delightfully accented with soft beiges and polished blacks that pair well with the adjoining stairway. Giving way to an open, crisp feeling in its ambience. The television console, in particular, effortlessly manages space to create both screened storage and a beautiful display without detracting from the other.


A Job Well Done

Mrs Loh, in particular, seemed especially happy with the renovation coordinated by the pair, sharing the appreciation for minimalism with Angela. Though all in all, there was nothing but appreciation and satisfaction from both parties. Proving the happiness a well-made home can bring.

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