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Renovation Horror | Renovation Nightmare 1

Renovation Nightmare 1

Renovation Nightmare entry

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By The Interior Portal |    March 15 2018

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Image credit: The Interior Portal

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Image credit: The Interior Portal

To: The Inteior Portal

The Interior Portal Ltd.

3rd March 2018

Re: Negative Review of Company A


Dear A,

I am writing this letter as a submission for my renovation nightmare. This involved the renovation of my house toilet and I was definitely not pleased with the service provided by the company.

The renovation involved the painting of my house toilet walls as well as the replacement of the toilet flooring. The renovation was scheduled to have a three-day duration and the renovation workers were late for an hour on the first and second days. From my observation the workers were rather sluggish with the wall painting and they took many breaks to smoke or chit-chat between the job which I believed had compromised their work efficiency.

After the painting of the toilet walls were finished, the workers began to replace the toilet flooring on the third day. However, later it was found that some floor tiles went missing, and this consequently resulted in the workers having to fetch more from their supply building which took around two hours.  

After three days, the renovation was not complete as the flooring replacement was only half-done. I approached the contractor to address this issue and I was told that I had to pay an additional cost for them to complete the service on the fourth day. I was unhappy to have been told this and I felt this to be unfair as I was promised that the job would be finished in three days. I strongly believe this unfortunate circumstance was also due to the workers’ punctuality and job inefficiency, which truly leaves much to be desired. Attempting to prevent further complications, I decided to pay for a fourth day of servicing.

With this I end the description of my renovation experience, I sincerely hope no one else experiences this in future. I believe this scenario can be prevented through looking for interior designers with more certifications. It also helps to search up for reviews of the renovation service to see if it is good before deciding on it.


Yours Sincerely,

A Frustrated Home Owner


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