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New Stuff | Spotlight: The Tile Gallery by Lian Seng Hin 3

Spotlight: The Tile Gallery by Lian Seng Hin 3

A quick chat with director of Lian Seng Hin to find out more about the products and services they provide.

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By The Interior Portal |    April 03 2018

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"Complimentary beverages and snacks are available"

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"A retro-corner to inspire new ideas for your home"

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"Victor Phuah, Director, Lian Seng Hin Trading Co Pte Ltd"

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"A spacious cafe zone to contemplate your tiling choices"

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One of the industry leaders in the industry, Lian Seng Hin prides itself on providing high-quality tiles with a wide variety of finishes to homeowners for over 40 years. We sat down with director Victor Phuah to learn more about his company and talk about the latest trends of the year. 


When asked about one of the more unique products in Lian Seng Hin's inventory, Victor mentions wood grained tiles made by 3D printing. These tiles mimic the texture and feel of real wood. 


Victor also shares that the latest trend in 2017 is lookalike tiles, with the most popular one being marble look-alike tiles. The tiles are suitable for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and many other areas.

To see more of Lian Seng Hin, head down to their Showroom in Ubi where you'll be able to experience their cafe lounge and well as see mock ups of different tiles. 
Check out more of Lian Seng Hin's products here: 

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